Life, a journey, comprised of both blessings and adversities, continuously unfolds valuable lessons,...
Eitanís Hope for Children...

Eitanís Hope for Children addresses significant issues which develop throughout the journeys of children with life threatening illnesses. It acknowledges milestones and accomplishments, as well as hardships. It provides financial subsidy to those who cannot afford select modes of alternative therapies, whether used alone or in conjunction with conventional treatments.

The Fundís distinctive project, Basketful of Smiles, has evolved into a refreshing aspect in the healing of our children. Infants through young adults receive personalized baskets filled with an array of carefully selected items. Information gathered by social workers and child life specialists further define the needs and interests of the patient.

The final product is a valuable presentation, unique to each recipient. Most significantly, every basket becomes a magnet for healing. It softens the blows of the newly diagnosed, distracts young ones from fears and painful procedures, motivates teens to fight harder and young adults to continue setting goals and reestablish their identities. As dreams and wishes are fulfilled, the joy and happiness becomes contagious.

Eitanís Hope for Children is our Ďgiftí to others based on our personal experiences. It stems from our hope for a happier, safer journey for ill children. The creation of the fund did not come from a place of pain. Much positive insight ensued from Eitanís story.

It is our wish to pass it on to others, so that they too may handle their adversities in the manner which Eitan was able to; with dignity, faith and courage.

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"An Eitan's Hope gift helps the patient understand that they are more than their
illness. The uniqueness of each recipient
- their personality, interests, and specific needs - is taken into account when the basket is being created..."

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