Our services are offered, in anticipation of greater ease, courage and hope for their recipients and their families.

  • Financial Assistance for people seeking select alternative modes of therapy

  • Basketful of Smiles' for patients; newly diagnosed, through completion of protocol

  • "On hand" small gifts made available, especially for older children (ages passed over normally)

  • Baskets with essential items, for families with no support, in ICU and other difficult situations

  • Supplies for bereavement carts, for creating memories of those who passed

  • Musical instruments, art supplies and other items for creative arts therapy program.

  • Culturally and developmentally age appropriate items for pediatric emergency rooms, pre and post op surgical units, pediatric units, Intensive Care unit, playrooms and patient rooms

  • Motherís and Fatherís day gifts for parents of ill children in the hospital , inspirational items for parents lounge

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"Eitan's Hope for Children allowed him to receive reflexology, energy healing, and nutritional supplements that we believe were vital to his overall health and healing. For this words can not truly describe our gratitude to Eitan's Hope for Children or went it meant to our son and family, to have them there in our time of need. We are forever grateful to Eitan's Hope for Children. Thank you!"

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