Eitanís challenge became the impetus for the creation of Eitanís Hope for Children, though it is only through your contributions, that the goals of the fund can see their way to reality, to success and to the fulfillment of Eitansís hope for all children.

There is no shortage of ideas for ways to raise awareness for the value of Eitanís Hope for Children. This past year, we had a few new ideas come our way.

  • Maegan, celebrating her sweet sixteen, gathered her friends to purchase many gifts of all types, for all ages and donated them to the fund for ill children in the hospitals.

  • Kayla, celebrating her Bat Mitzvah party chose to enhance the tables with gift baskets filled with presents, instead of balloons or flowers. These were to be donated for the children at the hospitals. Read Kayla's letter to Eitan's Hope.

  • Alison, celebrating her sweet sixteen, decided to make art projects during her party and involved her friends. We purchased tote bags which the girls then decorated, filled and raised money for the fund to purchase toys for the ill children.

  • Avigayil will be celebrating her bat Mitzvah soon. In light of the holiday of Purim, a couple of weeks after her party, she decided to pack up and decorate gift packages filled with fun and zany ideas, along with sixty friends and have them donated to the ill children at the hospital.

Please help maintain Eitanís Hope for Children Fund and let us together,
continue, to put smiles on the faces of ill children.

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